Must-Have Best-Seller Dildos for Women this 2019

Are you an independent woman looking for intense orgasmic pleasure without strings attached? Or, do you want to explore more with your partner?

Lucky you! There are adult sex toys out there that will bring you the best stimulation and pleasure that you won’t get from ordinary sex.

Adult toys are for women and couples who want to experience a wild hot night. It comes in a wide variety from dildos, vibrators, rabbits, wands, to anal toys. Among these options, the most popular among women are dildos.

Why Dildos? 

Dildos are available in different styles, designs, sizes, and power. Some have a unique design like a glass dildo or a strap on version. Meanwhile, other dildos feature a realistic design that almost looks like the real deal. Also, the varying degree of stimulation a dildo can offer is another worthy experience.

Another reason why women love dildos is that they can use this toy to play with their partner. If you want to try this out, get one for your partner or yourself.

What are the Best Dildos to Try? 

A high-quality dildo features good build, offers stimulation controls, and 100% safe to use. Here are the top-seller dildos for women from trustworthy brand names that you must try this year.

#1 Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock Dildo

Do you prefer realistic dildo?

If yes, then this option is probably the right one for you.

Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock dildo features a realistic design to make it look like an authentic shaft. This toy also measures five inches long and 1.6 inches wide to provide women the best kind of sexual satisfaction. The material of this toy is a skin-safe rubber that is soft to touch.

This option is highly recommended for beginners.

#2 Pipedream’s Icicles Rose Tip Dildo

This product from Pipedream is one of the best when it comes to design and aesthetics. This hand-crafted glass dildo looks gorgeous and elegant. Moreover, it feels sleek and ideal for women who want hard pleasure.

You are probably wondering whether it is safe to use this type of dildo. Worry not! The glass material of this product is nonporous and hypoallergenic. Thus, you can guarantee that it is safe even to sensitive skin.

This dildo is also great for temperature play. If you want to experience different sensations, try this exciting dildo.  

#3 Nasstoys’ Real Skin Whoppers Black Dildo

One of the most affordable dildos in the market today is Nasstoys’ Real Skin Whoppers. Aside from its low price, this product also offers great pleasure and will hit all your sweet spots.

This dildo measures eight inches and has a curved shape for deeper penetration. Moreover, the design of this product features g-spot and prostate stimulation. It also has a strong suction cup base for hands-free pleasure.

Where to Get these Dildos? 

One of the trusted online stores that sell the above items is Simpli Pleasure. This online store has been around for years, offering the best adult toys for men, women, and couples. You can check out their adult toys collection for samples.

Likewise, see this online source to check out product reviews and tips from experts on how to find the best adult toys for your pleasure.

Must-Have Best-Seller Dildos for Women this 2019

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