The Coordinated NIMS
Incident Action Planner...

assists emergency management teams and first responders in the
development of incident action plans. This revolutionary software enables
response organizations to work together on a city, state and federal level.

With (CNIP) incident action plan preparation times are drastically reduced,
and departmental cost are a fraction of what they were. Simply put, most
organization will see a complete return on investment after using (CNIP)
for a single incident or training exercise.

Company News & Events


ESIS Support site goes live. (CNIP) customers can now submit questions, issues, or read product FAQs via our support site.


(CNIP) is Introduced in a highly secure portable version, loaded onto an IronKey Flashdrive.


(CNIP) is used for Pre-Planning and at the Republican National Convention, by the Saint Paul, Minnesota Fire Department.


(CNIP) is first unveiled and used at the Major League All-Star game in San Francisco, CA.


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Mailing Address:
1140 Galaxy Way, Suite 180
Concord, CA 94520

Pricing Information:

1-925-825-5979 Ext. 202


ESIS Support:

ESIS Support Line
1-925-825-5979 Ext. 300

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM PST


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Who we are
(ESIS) - Emergency Services Interactive Systems

Is the developer of the Coordinated (NIMS) Incident Planner, or (CNIP) for short. Our software is an innovative, cost-friendly, ( IAP) development tool that was literally created by first responders for first responders.

In a nutshell, this NIMS-compliant software helps to standardize, coordinate, and organize all of your crucial and required data in either a pre-planned event or actual emergency. With (CNIP) information is only entered once, and all of the required (ICS) forms are then completed for you.

Our software eliminates the burden of filling out numerous and repetitious (ICS) forms, with an easy-to-use wizard that walks Emergency Operation Centers or first responders through the entire process step-by-step.

With (CNIP) first responders are on the same page from the beginning, eliminating duplicated efforts and allowing for more comprehensive communication and improved decision-making. With (CNIP) Incident Commanders can receive detailed information as needed, thus improving mutual response coordination efforts and thereby reducing response time significantly.

Key Benefits of (CNIP)
How we help simplify Incident Action Planning

  • We provide the highest level of functionality at the most affordable price.
  • (CNIP) is the only product offered, in a highly secure portable version.
  • (CNIP) Does NOT require an Internet connection in order to operate.
  • (CNIP) Is the only product that completes the required (ICS) forms for you.
  • We conform to the (NIMS) Standard as required by Presidential Directive 5.
  • We utilizes a Wizard which guides even the newest user through the (IAP).
  • (CNIP) uses a Step-by-Step process that requires virtually no training .
  • (CNIP) provides a complete (IAP) solution, no additional plug-ins required.
  • (CNIP) is offered in (LAN) Network; Desktop; and Portable versions.
  • (CNIP) Includes a (4) hour block of Training with each Purchase.
  • We Provide Free Support for the First 90-day's after purchase.
  • Enjoy free Updates for as long as your version of (CNIP) is supported